How to Download YouTube Videos

To Download YouTube videos is not a simple task as one may think to browse video downloader is easy one, just like a click of a button as it works on other sites. However, there are few ways with which one can download videos from YouTube.

The methods which we discuss here are kept as simple as it can be. Moreover, we select those ways which are simpler and easy to understand by anyone. One may think out why one wants to download YouTube videos, as the video is always available on the internet. YouTube red is also offered at specific countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK etc. YouTube is also offering 4K HD live video streaming is an excellent landmark.

The very primary issue behind this is INTERNET, it can be due to low connectivity problems, less speed, or probably due to the buffering problem. Some users may also download from YouTube to avoid advertisements. Anyhow whatever the reason is, the point is that you have to download YouTube videos. The complexity of downloading process depends on the method which you choose to download YouTube videos.

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Furthermore, the device on which you Download YouTube Videos may also influence the complexness of the whole process. We tried our best to write the methods which are most simpler than others. So, here you have to select the device for which you want to download YouTube videos and then read on the respective steps.

Editor Picks The List Below From 18 Suggested Methods

  1. Download via 3rd-Party Software for Mac Linux & Win Devices
  2. Downloading YouTube Videos via Browser Extensions
  3. Download YouTube Videos Using Online Websites
  4. Downloading YouTube Videos on Your Smart Phone

1- Download via 3rd-Party Software for Mac Linux & Win Devices

Downloading YouTube videos via third-party software is an easy task. Most of them work just like Google Search, where you have to enter the URL of video and rest of it done automatically. The common format in which the video downloaded is the MP4 format however, the flash videos may have FLV format.

a- YTD Video Downloader (For Win & Mac)

You can download YouTube videos by using the YTD software, although its a bit complex to use. However, there are certain features with it. One can download multiple videos at premium speed in the paid version. The basic version is free to use moreover, there are Android & iOS apps available. iOS version can’t download videos, hence it’s lost the real value for iOS users. Since it is the highly popular product for downloading YouTube videos, therefore we give it top rank in the list.

b- Any Video Converter

It’s a free application for Windows and Mac users, which allows to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and other famous platforms. Moreover, not only to this it can also capture videos from streaming services like HULU and Netflix. This may be an attractive feature for some of us, however, the premium version (AVC Ultimate) have more in it. Any video converter also enables one to edit videos and rip DVDs.

c- YouTubeByClick

This software is only available for Windows users, which works just like YTD. The developer of the product also admits that YTD was the inspiration behind that. With YouTube-By-Click one can download videos from YouTube convert the formats of your needs. Furthermore, you can also download videos in HD format, capture full playlists or whole channel. It also supports one-click download straight from your browser while watching videos on YouTube.

2- Downloading YouTube Videos via Browser Extensions

The browser extensions for downloading YouTube videos are available in app stores. However, there are certain back draws and cons for using this method. Although this method saves some steps while downloading YouTube videos, but some things are step side here. One may get some trouble if he/she is using Chrome Browser for downloading videos from YouTube. As Chrome Store do not allow to serve as a medium for violating YouTube terms of service. Anyhow, here we have some suggestions on the Browser Extensions to download YouTube Videos.

a- FastestTube

It is a free to use extension which is available for Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chromium browsers. This extension works fine on all of the above browsers, even in Chrome. Furthermore, it skips the verification of Google webstore while installation in Chrome. This extension lets you enjoy downloading YouTube video right from the video page. One can see the download button just below the subscribe button under the video. When you click on the Download Button it will show you the available Video Quality. Just select it and start downloading the video.

b- Video DownloadHelper

This is also free to use extension which is only available for Chrome & Firefox. This extension helps you to download videos right from the page where you just load the YouTube video. Even more, this extension supports a bulk of sites to download the videos. The method of working is that you will see the Extension Icon animation while on the video page. There is also a premium version, which supports file conversion into needed format. Hopefully, this helps you a lot. Feel free to share your thoughts about the suggestions you get from here and especially about your experience with them.

3- Download YouTube Videos Using Online Websites

Another way to download YouTube videos is by using third-party websites. Those sites offer the online platform to download YouTube videos by using their services. Although there are some fake websites available out there, but not all of them are fake. Moreover, such unpopular websites can also harm your computer by installing any third party software or adware. Following are popular options available online, which you can use with confidence.

a- Clip Converter

1st Step: Open the HomePage of Clip Converter. Now give the URL of YouTube video which you want to download from YouTube and click on Continue button. Now select the format of video which you like to play on your device. Most likely user goes with MP4 or AVI as both of these are universal formats for multiple devices.

2nd Step: After that, have a look on available formats in which you can convert the video. Click on the format you want the video to be, now be sure that you can see the tick mark on both boxes. Which says that ‘Start of Video’ and ‘End of Video.’ Now click on Continue Button to move to next step.

3rd Step: From the next screen, select the quality of Video which you are downloading. Always try to capture the highest available version, until unless you have any storage issues. Now click on Start Button, wait until the video conversion is completed. Now you can see the Grey Download button, click on it to start your Download. Name the video and specify the download path, where you want to store the file on your PC or Laptop.

b- KeepVid

KeepVid is also another online platform which allows users to download videos from YouTube. This method keeps you save from downloading and installing third-party software on you PC. But this feature is not least beneficial as one may think. Follow the steps from the list below to use KeepVid as a channel for downloading YouTube Video.

1st Step: Open HomePage of KeepVid here at the top there is a Blue button with text “Download.” You have to enter the URL of the video in the space beside this button.

2nd Step: After entering the URL, press the Download button. At the new screen, you will see the available qualities and format of videos with the size. Select the option of your choice and click on the link available for that.

3rd Step: That’s it, you will successfully download the video in short time. The time it will take depends on the quality and length of the video.

4- Downloading YouTube Videos on Your Smart Phone

As we already discuss above that, YouTube does not allow to download videos straight from the video page. Despite this restriction, there are methods with which one can download the YouTube videos on mobiles. The offline feature does not support for all videos moreover, this feature is limited for YouTube Red subscribers. So, you have to pay for this feature in official YouTube App. As its a paid method and so is unpopular in lower and middle class with limited financial resources. That’s why they seek for other ways to download YouTube videos.

a- Downloading YouTube Videos on Android Mobiles

Although YouTube Offline feature is another name to download YouTube videos in accordance with the terms of Service. But if you want another more flexible way then you have to use third-party apps on your Smart Phone. One can skip the GooglePlay App verification so, it’s possible to download Android app from external source. Because such types of apps are not available officially on Google Play, that’s why you will need external download source.

(To skip GooglePlay verification for external app, Go to Settings => Security Settings => UnKnown Sources => Enable this option)

Now download WonTube’s Free YouTube Downloader and install it to your Android smartphone. After successful installation, launch the application and browse Official YouTube Website and select the video. The links to download video and within app videos management features are right on the page.

On the other side, another application for downloading YouTube videos is YTD for Android. Download the app and install it, after installation you can download a huge list of videos at the same time. Moreover, you can add a password to a video, or protect the whole application privacy with a password. Sort of the videos in the way which you want to OR make the playlists of songs, videos.

b- Downloading YouTube Videos on iPhone, iPad or iPod

On another hand for iOS devices, if one think that it’s an easy task then you might be wrong. Apple takes the issue very seriously and you will not find any app which is clearly saying that you can use it to Download YouTube videos. However, there are always ways to fulfill the demands of the community by one way or another. So, the case with this problem, the developer makes the application, Apple Store bans them and they come with a new name and new methods.

Document 5 is the application which you can use to download YouTube videos on iPad, iPod and more specifically on iPhone. Download the application and install it, after installation launch the application. There is a built-in browser of the application, open the browser, and search for ( Now when this website opens, enter the URL of YouTube video and download it after selecting the quality and size respectively.

The video will be downloaded in the downloads folder of Document 5, Tap on the video and drag it towards the main screen. Now choose the folder from Documents in which you want to place the file. Now you can access your video from the folder in which you moved the video.