Download Music from YouTube

Everyone knows that YouTube is a famous source of music streaming, although there are other popular brands are available too. But YouTube gets the most adorability comparatively to other names. People often ask about how to download music from YouTube, here today we are going for that. But before get some basic info about YouTube music files and other related FAQs.

In What Format We Can Download YouTube Music File?

The format of the video depends on two things, the service by which you download it and the format of a music file on YouTube. In this article, we will use ClipConverter (A website which offers YouTube downloading service).

ClipConverter gives multiple options while downloading music from YouTube, the format you select will affect the quality of sound. There are three available formats with ClipConverter which are MP3, M4A, and AAC. MP3 is old but widely supported on about all types of devices. Moreover, MP3 may have some low sound quality problems with very latest music versions.

Due to high standards of music sound which MP3 is unable to play effectively. However the other formats M4A and AAC can play that music without affecting the sound quality. But, they have their own limitation too as they are not accepted by some devices especially at USB enabled car stereos.

What About the Bitrate of Music?

The bitrate shows the quality of music, the higher it will be the better is the quality. However, the file which you download from YouTube will have its own bitrate which is uploaded by YouTuber. So, you can’t do anything with it, if you personally try to increase the bitrate with any service then it may be not effective.

Because the basic version of music has low bitrate so, any service on the internet can’t improve it to a higher level. Normally YouTube Music streams videos are available from 128 to 192kbps although this is low enough from YouTube recommended level which is 384kbps. However, 192kbps also gives a perfect result on music streams. However, 192kbps also gives a perfect result on music streams.

Download Music from YouTube – WebBased Methods

Although there are many services available on the internet to download music from YouTube. However, we only recommend few of them. The best one is because it does not install any third-party adware and other software on visitors device. However, there are other services too, which includes, and all of them are fine to use.

  • All you have to do is open the video in your browser and copy the URL of video which you want to download from YouTube.
  • Now paste the URL into homepage, where you can see the search bar. After that, you have to select the format which you want to download, then select bitrate. But we recommend setting the bitrate option on auto, which will adjust bitrate automatically.
  • Click on ‘Continue Button’ it will download a copy for you after you write-up a file name. Wait until the video download, time depends on file size however it will be not too long.

Using other methods which we write up also includes the same steps. You just have to paste the link on the website and click on convert button. But select the format before it and when the website converts the file, it will give you a download link. Click on that link and download music from YouTube task is done.