YouTube 4K Announced Which Also Supports for Live Streaming

YouTube launches 4K video feature after a complete testing of service for the users. Besides to that 30 Frames per second merged with the 4K feature. Although in testing mode both features are tested separately but now they are both on the same page. YouTube 4K is not a piece of cake as it appears with the name, although it’s not a hard thing to work out.

YouTube 4K will not give you the taste on an ordinary monitor or laptop screen. For that, you must have a supported 4K monitor. Beside that, it must have a high-speed internet to bear the load of 4K pixels. However, YouTube not left the point unaddressed to give a cover to users with low internet connections. The VP9 codec gives the solution to the problem. VP9 squeezes the video and enables it to stream through low bandwidths.

The live streaming feature also supports 4K. Where the Youtubers either big or small can stream video content in 4K technology. In addition to desktop models, users can also enjoy 4K on YouTube Apps for TVs or other streaming devices including Chromecast Ultra.

Originally the 4K feature was introduced back in 2010, however, it was not available for live streams. So, this year, YouTube announces support for 4K live streams which sometimes also refer as 360-degree video broadcast.

With these features now everyone should make his/her mind ready to get a 360 video which looks brighter, cleaner & even sharper than any other time in past.

Some Popular YouTube 4K Videos For Our Visitors

YouTube remains the primary power source for video content no matter it is 4K, UHD or HD videos. Due to its community-driven concept, the website up to now has the best selection of 4K videos. Which is, of course, biggest repository of 4K clips, movies, and short films? The database is growing up on a day-by-day basis, here we have listed some of the popular videos you may like to watch. Do share your opinion in the comments section below about these videos.

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