What YouTube Red Offers? Here’s What You Must Know Before Subscribing

YouTube Red Logo

YouTube Red, the name itself suggest that it’s something different from just YouTube. In October 2015 YouTube launched this feature which offers a subscription service in return for advertisement free videos. Although some other benefits are also available but, the primary one is always that. To give a better user experience Google introduces this feature which is currently available in U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Korea.

What one will Get With YouTube Red? – Benefits & Features Explained

As a subscriber of YouTube Red service, you can access the advertisement free videos on YouTube. All of the videos on your account will be ads-free either you are watching it on Desktop, laptop or at the mobile app. However, this subscription does not apply to other paid content available on YouTube. Either it is in the form of Paid Channels, Movies purchases, and rentals. Moreover, you may view ads within this type of content.

On the other side, some other benefits of this service include, watch offline and listen to videos feature. Watch offline means you can watch a video offline after downloading it on your account. While on the other hand listen to videos means you can listen to a video with the screen off. Although these features are not available to all users, however, YouTube Kids, YouTube Gaming & YouTube App catch them both.

YouTube Red Features

Beside above perks the people you subscribe for RED in early 2016 will also get access to Original Shows and movies published by Top YouTubers. Another benefit of using this service is free to access to Google Play Music which also cost $10. Moreover, if you have subscribed for Google Play Music then you have free access to YouTube Red feature.

How YouTube Red can Affect You & Other Users?

It can’t be finally said that the feature is going to affect you or not. However, there are the certain basis which will decide that you are going to be affected or not. The feature is just an addition to the service options, while the basic free version of YouTube is just going as it is. What one will miss is advertisement free videos and premium access to original videos from top YouTubers. Although the original content becomes available at free YouTube version but after a certain time lapse.

What Cost One have to pay for YouTube Red?

YouTube Red will cost at about $10 on monthly basis, which may be too much for some while others may feel it reasonable. However, it’s too early to deduct the conclusion before comparing it with other services along with features. The major names on the streaming market include Netflix which charge $8 per month and at the second place Amazon Prime comes at $8.25 per month. At the 3rd number Spotify, premium service is charged at $10 per month if you compare all these you may feel that YouTube Red is not offering much more than all of these top services.

Why One Should Sign up For YouTube Red Feature?

The reason behind using YouTube Red may be wide-ranging however, we tried to cover up some of the major ones. The very basic need behind that is advertisements, people want to get rid of annoying ads.

While on the other side the YouTube Offline may be the point of the attraction. This helps to download YouTube videos for watch later functionality while in the absence of internet connectivity. Moreover, this is a great feature for travelers. Besides that, the off-screen feature is also another attraction of YouTube Red. Which allows you to work on other apps while listening to video or music on YouTube App. Furthermore, it also allows to turn off the screen while the music or video will play in the background.

What YouTube Red Offers

Besides all above, the YouTube Kids app support allows saving offline videos for your kids. They can view that while traveling or any other long trips.

Alongside with YouTube Red the free access to Google Play Music allows one to listen his/her favorite music. This feature makes the deal arguably more attractive comparatively from other top providers. However, it’s the choice of the user, no one can force you and others to use the feature. If you find other services more attractive you can go for your selection.